The 4G’s of Fat Loss


Max Stack

The 4 G’s of Fat Loss 

You want to reduce body fat? Gee, who doesn’t? While getting lean always requires following a sensible dietary plan and cutting calories moderately, you can achieve even better results — and maintain muscle mass — when you add the following supplements to your fat-loss regimen.

Garcinia Cambogia
This popular fat burner is included in many products and is sometimes listed on labels as hydroxycitric acid. It increases lipolysis (fat burning), boosts brain serotonin levels and helps the body use fats for energy while driving carbohydrates toward muscle glycogen storage.

Green Coffee-Bean Extract
This supplement works as a fat burner and energy booster, both desirable benefits for those who are training hard while cutting calories. It comes from coffee beans before they’ve been roasted and is therefore higher in chlorogenic acid, which has been shown to elevate fat metabolism in the liver and suppress fat absorption. It also helps prevent the dietary fats and carbs you consume from being stored as body fat. 

Green-Tea Extract
Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate, a catechin that boosts metabolic rate to encourage burning fat. EGCG also helps protect norepinephrine, a stimulatory brain chemical, which supports additional fat burning. In addition, green tea contains theanine, which helps you relax and sharpens mental focus, particularly beneficial when cutting calories for fat loss.

Guarana's high caffeine content provides multiple fat-burning benefits, including helping to release fat from storage so that it can be burned during exercise. In addition, it increases strength and reduces pain associated with exercise. Those who take guarana report that it has a slower onset than caffeine anhydrous, which makes it more tolerable at higher doses. 

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