Open-Palm Kettlebell Clean and Press

If you’ve trained with kettlebells for a while, not only are you a trendsetter, but you’re also probably getting sick of the same old swings. Steve Cotter, president of the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation, developed this exercise to challenge more experienced kettlebell lifters.

Stand straddling a kettlebell on the floor between your feet.

• Squat down and grasp the handle, keeping your chest up and back flat.

• Perform a one-arm clean by extending your knees and hips, and before dropping underneath the weight, release the kettlebell and catch the ball of it in your working hand so that your palm is underneath the weight.

• Stand up straight with it, then press the kettlebell overhead, still holding the ball in your hand instead of the handle.

• Lower the kettlebell down to your shoulder, then quickly release it and catch the handle before lowering back down to the start position.

• Complete for reps, then switch arms.

• Between reps, it’s unnecessary to start with the kettlebell on the floor — initiate the movement with the weight hanging between your legs.