Maxing Out Mass


There are a few ingredients we’d consider to be essential for those who are looking to optimize muscle gains. They include the following:

Protein: Virtually all types of protein are good, but you can improve your results tremendously by taking a variety of proteins that are absorbed at different rates. Hydrolyzed whey is essentially predigested to accelerate delivery of amino acids to muscle tissues. Micellar casein is a much slower digesting protein, delivering its amino acids to muscle tissue over an extended period. Combining slow- and fast-digesting proteins increases muscle building while staving off muscle breakdown.

Creatine: No form of creatine has been better tested or provides better results for those who are seeking muscle or strength gains than creatine monohydrate. While traditional forms of creatine monohydrate have been known to cause digestive distress for some, new technology has created creatine monohydrate that’s been micronized — cleaved into smaller particles — to eliminate this problem.

Betaine: This unique amino acid is derived from beets, and research supports its ability to boost power and strength. It also increases growth-hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 levels.

Micronized aminos: Protein is made from amino acids, but that doesn’t mean your body can fully process them. When aminos are micronized, they’re easier to absorb. They also dissolve better in liquids, making them easier to digest to supercharge muscle growth.

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