Beware of the Big Breakfast


Is bigger better? When it comes to breakfast, not a chance, says a January 2011 study published in Nutrition Journal. Researchers from the Else-Kröner-Fresenius Center of Nutritional Medicine in Munich, asked more than 300 people to keep a journal of what they usually ate. Their entries revealed that sometimes they ate a big breakfast, sometimes they ate a small breakfast and sometimes they skipped it all together. Now here’s the enlightening part: Regardless of the size of their breakfast, subjects did not limit the size of their consequential lunches and dinners.

That means that downing a big breakfast (the average was 400 calories more than a small breakfast) can result in a calorie increase of about 400 calories for the day. While those who did eat large breakfasts tended to shun midmorning snacks, it wasn’t enough to offset the extra calories they had already consumed. So think twice before indulging in that giant morning meal. A bigger breakfast could mean a bigger belly.