Berry Good for Fat Burning


If you’ve been hearing a lot about raspberry ketones lately, it’s probably because you’re a closet Dr. Oz fan. No need to be embarrassed — we know he’s popular, and, better yet, we often agree with his advice. The reason he got all excited about ketones is because they’re chemical compounds that can be used for energy, and they may aid in fat loss. Here are some more details about Dr. Oz’s new favorite supplement.

Raspberry ketones help increase metabolic rate.
It’s simple biology: If you’re burning more calories a day, you’re much less likely to be storing your dietary intake as body fat. By regulating adiponectin, an important protein that affects metabolic rate and glucose levels, raspberry ketones can keep metabolic rate elevated and glucose levels low, helping to reduce body-fat stores and prevent fat storage.

Raspberry ketones help release fat from storage.
In addition to an increased metabolic rate, being able to release stored fat is crucial to reducing body-fat stores. The body likes to hold on to stored fat and will preferentially burn energy you’ve recently consumed or muscle tissue unless you signal it to do otherwise. Raspberry ketones increase levels of hormone-sensitive lipase because of the higher adiponectin levels, which encourage your body to break down stored fat and release it to be used as energy, effectively reducing body-fat stores.

What you should do.
While you can eat raspberries until you’re blue in the face (you’d need about 90 pounds of them to get the equivalent of a 100-milligram dosage of raspberry ketones), the supplemental form is superior. You���ll not only amp up your metabolic rate, but you’ll also encourage your body to use stored fat when you take supplemental raspberry ketones. Take 100 to 200 milligrams of raspberry ketones once or twice each day, about 30 minutes before meals.