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TRX Chipper For a Full-Body Blast

Take your metcon to the next level with a pitiless TRX chipper.

Over the last decade the TRX suspension trainer has become the go-to equipment for functional conditioning, leveraging gravity and your bodyweight while challenging your balance, core strength and mobility. But you’ve never seen it used like this.

This workout takes four standard TRX moves to the next level, delivering a metcon chipper that will fry your legs, cook your core, blister your upper bod and sear your lungs.

TRX Chipper for Time

Complete a thorough warm-up that includes some light cardio and dynamic stretches that hit all your large muscle groups. Then do all reps of the first exercise, using good form and moving briskly, before going to the next. Take as few breaks as possible, chipping away at the prescribed rep block in measured chunks. To avoid wasting time fussing with the handles, preset a couple TRX side-by-side to the desired height, start your timer, then go for it.

Crossing Balance Lunge to Pistol Squat

Hold the TRX handles with your arms extended and lean back slightly with your body straight, core braced. Shift your weight to your left leg and lift your right off the floor. Keeping your hips square, bend your left knee while crossing your right leg behind you on the diagonal without touching it to the ground. Stand back up and extend your right leg to the front, immediately bending your left leg again to lower into a pistol squat. Do all reps on one side before switching.

Atomic Push-Up

Adjust the straps to mid-shin and get into a push-up position with your hands under your shoulders and your legs extended behind you, toes in the TRX cradles, core braced. Your head, hips and heels should be in line. From here, do a push-up, bending your elbows and lowering your chest toward the ground while keeping your hips lifted and your lower body steady in the TRX. Extend your arms then hold at the top of the push-up as you bring your knees toward your elbows, keeping your hips low. Extend your legs to complete one rep.

Inverted Row With Knee Drive

Set the handles at about hip height then lie on the floor with the handles over your chest, knees bent, feet flat. Take a handle in each hand and lift your hips to align with your shoulders and knees. At the start, your body from knees to head should be perpendicular to the floor, arms straight. Now drive your elbows down and back, while keeping your body straight, and simultaneously lift one knee toward the sky. Pause briefly at the top then lower to the start. Continue, alternating legs and keeping your hips lifted at all times.

Prone Jump Squat

With the straps set long, hold a TRX handle in each hand close to your sides near your armpits with your elbows bent as if at the bottom of a dip. Lean forward into the TRX. Walk your feet back until the TRX is at about a 45-degree angle and your knees and hips are bent as if in the bottom of a squat. You should be up on your toes, back straight, head neutral, arms braced. Explode upward, swinging forward into the TRX and extending your legs, then land in the same spot as the TRX swings you back into position. Compress immediately into the next rep.