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Fit Couples Training

Support System

Dymatize athletes (and fit couple) Jessie Keller and Robert Timms share tips on how to be there for your partner, even on the roughest days.

Be Goal Getters

Jessie Keller: Robert and I set a lot of goals and are always preparing for something, whether it’s a competition, a photo shoot or an appearance. Setting goals keeps you focused on the task at hand; if you share those goals with your partner, they become concrete and your partner can help keep you accountable. For example, my goal right now is to get better at pull-ups. I used to use the assisted machine and could not do any on my own at all. I made it a goal to be able to do pull-ups and Rob started spotting me and helping me with form. He pushed me to do more reps than I thought I could do, and even though I got mad at him sometimes, he really helped me focus on and achieve that goal. Now I can pull out six or eight pull-ups on my own!

Robert Timms: I competed in the IFBB San Antonio Pro [August 13] and qualified for the 2016 Olympia in Classic Physique, which was my No. 1 goal for this year. I absolutely could not have reached that goal without Jessie. When one of us competes the other one literally does everything from putting on tanning product to packing the backstage bags to finding some hot rice at midnight for that other person. Those little things make a big difference and help alleviate the stress of having to think about annoying details. Jessie also helps me with my posing during contest prep as well as right before the show. She takes pictures of me and we talk about what I need to focus on and work on before I go out onstage, then she is there in the audience cheering me on, which is great for morale.

Offer Emotional Support

Keller: In fitness and bodybuilding you’re constantly assessing yourself and criticizing yourself, and are always trying to achieve perfection. But while it’s impossible to be perfect, it’s critical that your partner support and uplift you emotionally when you’re always bringing yourself down. Rob is great at reminding me how far I have come and what I have achieved, and on competition day he reassures me that no matter what happens I did the absolute best I could.

Timms: It’s difficult to be with someone who is not in the industry because they don’t understand your goals, they don’t understand why you have to go to the gym again, why you have to eat so much and why you can’t eat certain things. Jessie and I know these things about one another and support each other in our sport. Our schedules are really tough right now, too: We work a lot and Jessie is in school. But I am thankful for her and that she understands the pressures I am under and supports me even if I am withdrawn or moody; she knows why I am like that and does not give me grief for it.

Make it a “Date”

Keller: Our schedules are crazy. I work a day shift and Robert works a midshift. He gets home from work literally when I am leaving, and we pass one another in the hallway every morning. We have such limited time together that our workouts in the evening are actually like a date. I look forward to that and cherish that time we can spend training together and moving toward our goals. 

Timms: We don’t hang out on the weekends or party or anything like that; we work and we train, and I am grateful that we get to train together. She’s a great partner and we help each other in the gym to achieve our goals for that day. That’s the only time we have right now to spend as a couple so we make the most of it.

Quickfire Questions:

Favorite preworkout meal?

Keller: Dymatize Iso-100 fudge brownie flavor blended with a banana, a spoonful of PB2 and water.

Timms: Dymatize Iso-100 cinnamon bun flavor and a banana.

Favorite postworkout meal?

Keller: Tofu and vegetables.

Timms: White rice and chicken.

Favorite cheat meal?

Keller: Chocolate chip Oreo cookies!

Timms: Burgers from Five Guys, Red Robin or McDonald’s.

Favorite Halloween candy?

Keller and Timms: Reese’s!

Favorite Thanksgiving food?

Keller: Sweet-potato casserole.

Timms: Macaroni and cheese.

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