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Pump Up Your Thanksgiving

3 secrets to surviving the world’s longest 4-day weekend.

Our forefathers weren’t counting macros when they first hosted Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgaining is more like it, but probably not the way you want. A second or third helping of stuffing and potatoes will go straight to your gut, especially when you’re on the road and have no clue how to get your fitness fix. Instead of having to recover from recovery week, make the most of this whole ordeal and PUMP UP your Thanksgiving in three easy ways.

1. Don’t Get Hangry

You only have to get to see some of these people once a year, so be in your top form (and we’re not just talking about your curls). If you end up traveling for the holiday weekend, it can be especially tough to get your regular meals in, which in turn leads to Beast-mode results (the bad kind). Protein bars are a no-brainer, but to avoid looking like a stereotypical meathead, spice things up with a seasonal protein bar. The new Pumpkin Pie Bar from Quest is a good option with great macros. It tastes enough like dessert that even Aunt Nancy will like it; that way you can eat toward your goals without looking like an unthankful bump-on-a-log. And bring enough to share.


2. Protein-ify That Menu

Being the ruggedly good-willed badass that you clearly are, you’re obviously going to provide a delicious, macro-friendly alternative to the traditional, sugary carb-cake, right? But rather than making everyone feel bad about their fat pie, bring THIS Protein Pumpkin Pie and everyone will think you’re the Thanksgiving Fairy Godmother of Gains (I would have said Godfather, but didn’t want to give you any ideas for that prized family horse). Each slice has 13 grams of protein, only 130 calories and 5 grams of net carbs. You think Aunt Nancy’s cherry pie can touch that? Neither did we.

3. Pumpkin Workout

Don’t laugh until you’ve tried it. Unless Aunt Nancy’s cabin is packing a state-of-the-art gym, you’re going to have trouble sticking with your standard workout routine. So in honor of the holidays, you can still get a fun, thematic pump on. Use the heaviest pumpkins lying around as medicine balls for a legitimate, cross-fit style full-body workout. Check out this pumpkin-centric routine from Jessica Kelly over at our sister magazine The Box.

It’s a combination of thrusters, partner sit-ups, burpees, no-wall wall-ball, and kettle-ball toss. Five exercises, as many reps as possible. When in doubt, get creative; you can do anything with a pumpkin that you could do with a medicine ball, as long as you’re not smashing it against something (because who listens to that band any more, anyway). You can even work in some pumpkin planks (easy and optimized for Aunt Nancy)! Working out doesn’t always have to be a drop-dead serious thing. Fitness is supposed to be fun, right? Get the whole family involved.


Don’t be the turkey this Thanksgiving. Some pumpkin ingenuity will keep you on your game, enjoying the flavor of the season, and you might be able to rope a few of your favorite cousins in for the ride, even if they only last the weekend. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, but the cake is actually Protein Pumpkin Cake.

Even professional swimmers enjoys a game of Marco Polo once in a while, so there’s no reason not to get PUMPED with PUMPKIN this holiday season.