Abs Workouts

On-The-Go Abs

These four moves will hit your core — and more — in 10 minutes or less.


It’s pretty easy to get in an ab workout no matter where you are — a hotel, a gym, at your in-laws’ house — just hit the deck and start crunching. Time to up the ante: This workout uses travel-friendly sliding discs, making your core work twice as hard to stabilize and balance one part of your body while the other part slides around on the floor. No sliding discs? Paper plates do well on carpeted floors, and a small, folded towel is perfect for wood or tile.


Do each move in the sequence for 45 seconds, then rest/transition to the next move for 15 seconds. Repeat the sequence three times through, resting one minute between rounds.


Get into plank with a disc under each foot and with your head, hips and heels aligned. Keeping your hips low, pull your knees in toward your chest, then extend back to plank. Hold plank as you open your legs out to the sides, then pull them back inward.


Reverse Plank Pull-Through

Sit on the floor with your legs extended and a disc secured underneath each heel, feet flexed. Place your hands on the floor and then raise your hips until they align with your head and heels (reverse plank). Keep your arms straight as you tuck your pelvis, drop your hips and pull your lower body backward and in between your arms as far as you can.


Mountain Slider

Stay in plank and keep your hips low and your head neutral as you alternately drive your knees into your chest using an even pace.


Forward Glide

Get onto all fours with a hand on each disc. Keep your arms straight as you slowly slide the discs forward six to 12 inches. Pause briefly and then pull the discs back to the start, using your abs.