Abs Workouts

Oblique Crunch

This cable move is probably the best ab exercise you aren't doing.

Versatility. Convenience. Constant tension on each rep of every set. What’s not to love about the ubiquitous cable crossover station? Here’s a unique pulley exercise — one you’re probably not doing — to make you love this do-it-all machine even more.

Target: obliques, abs

• Secure a rope attachment to the highest pulley setting on one side of the crossover station. 

• Grab the ends of the rope in one hand and kneel down a couple of feet or so in front of the weight stack with your body angled about 45 degrees to one side (not facing straight ahead as you would with a standard cable crunch). Start with your torso vertical to the floor.

• With your nonworking hand on your hip, contract your abs and obliques to crunch your torso down in front of the weight stack, bringing your working elbow to the same-side thigh. Squeeze the contraction for a count in the down position before slowly returning to the start position. Complete desired rep count, then repeat to the other side, angling your body in the opposite direction and holding the rope in the other hand.