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Fit Couples Training

America’s Fittest Military Couple

In honor of the M&P America’s Fittest Couple Challenge, we’re profiling another couple that lives the fit life each and every day.


Even the military’s best camouflage can’t hide the fact that active-duty Air Force personnel Robert Timms and Jessie Keller aren’t ordinary humans underneath their battle uniforms. Timms, a pro bodybuilder, and Keller, an amateur figure competitor, met at a bodybuilding show on an Air Force base where they were both competing, and though they began as friends, their mutual interests eventually drew them together.

We will be following this Dymatize-sponsored duo for the next three months to get the inside scoop on how they stay consistent and dedicated to their fit lifestyles while balancing work, family life and downtime. This month they dished about how they train together in the gym, how being fit helps with their jobs, their love/hate relationship with leg training and Timms’ crazy workout routines.

Do you think being fit helps with your jobs?

Jessie Keller: Absolutely. I have always been in male-dominated jobs that required a lot of physical strength and endurance; therefore, I find it extremely important to be healthy and fit. For instance, I have to be able to carry my 90-pound German shepherd in combat, especially if something happened to him.
Robert Timms: I, too, have a physical job and being fit helps me stay sane and flexible. I work crazy hours and never get into a regular sleep cycle, so fitness is definitely my outlet.

You work opposite shifts in the Air Force — do you actually train together?

Keller: Yes. Rob comes home around 8 a.m., takes a nap and then joins me around 6 p.m. to train. I actually look at training with Rob as a date! We don’t get to see each other a lot due to our schedules so we have to make the most of our time. Timms: Working out with her is a blessing — she is consistent and I always have a solid partner to rely on. Sure, she can’t lift my weights but she keeps me going because when she is there I feel like I have something to prove. I still have to impress her, you know!

Since you don’t lift the same weights, what benefits do you gain from training together?

Keller: Even though we don’t lift the same weight we do the same exact workouts. Rob pushes me harder than anyone I have ever trained with. A lot of women are afraid to work out with men, but that’s crazy; I am grateful for the results that I have been achieving with him as a partner. For instance, I finally can do pull-ups thanks to Rob! He does them almost every day.
Timms: Jessie motivates me more than any other athlete could. And if I’m motivated then she is motivated and so on, and that’s a big reason we work well together. It’s cyclical. Keller: Yes, motivation is a big benefit. There have been many times when one of us didn’t want to go to the gym and train, but having someone next to you who knows your goals helps on those dragging days.
Timms: And it’s nice on the weekends because if one of us wants to just hang out or chill, the other will throw off the covers and say, “Get up, it’s time to move!”

How do you encourage each other in the gym?

Timms: The best workouts come when you’re pushing each other. That usually happens when I say, “Oh, this one is gonna hurt!” I love those days.

Keller: Yeah, Rob comes up with some crazy routines! Sometimes I feel like my body is about to collapse, but he comes in and pushes and encourages me to finish the set. For instance, pull-ups — he destroys me in pull-ups, but at the same time he has definitely helped me improve on mine. I get him back when it comes to cardio or calisthenics, though. I run a lot for my job, and I always ask him to join me but for some reason he always has something else to do! Hmm …
Timms: Yes, she can have that long distance stuff — she is a beast with it. I just watch from the sidelines and wave as I sip on my tea.

What is your favorite workout to do together?

Keller: Shoulders, because I want these bad boys to grow!
Timms: Legs, because I can see the anger in her eyes when I make her do deep hack squats! They are pretty vicious.
Keller: I do have that angry face, but secretly I love it!

What other active things do you enjoy together?

Keller: We both go horseback riding and swimming and enjoy dancing and being big goofy kids.
Timms: I am all about the cartoons. Does watching cartoons together count? [laughs] Keller: We also both love to travel, so hopefully, we can take some of those activities to new locations. Like I want to do a Tough Mudder or a Spartan Race. I like playing in the dirt, and team sports have always been fun for me. So I am looking to get a team together to get dirty and have fun.
Timms: Yeah, I’m not down with all that dirt and such. I’ll stick to the gym, indoors with AC and readily available water and sanitized equipment and clean towels to wipe the sweat off of my forehead — I think you get my point!

What are your favorite fit supplements?

Keller: Preworkout, I love the Dymatize fudge-brownie-flavored Iso100 protein. I never get sick of it, even when I take it with water. It also helps with my chocolate cravings. Postworkout, I eat a banana and have an Iso100 shake.
Timms: I like the Iso100 preworkout — I take two scoops before training. And I also get in two scoops afterward.

Are you a couple that wants to live the fit lifestyle? Join the America’s Fittest Couple Challenge and land the cover of M&P! For more details visit