Diana Diaz


Birth Date: Dec. 19, 1982
Birthplace: Paterson, N.J.
Current City: Addison, Texas
Height: 5’3”
Weight:124 pounds (competition); 135 pounds (offseason)
Website:prosupps.com, dianadiaz.com

No one in this fast-paced world is immune to nutritional ambivalence. During the course of a heavy workday or when cramming for finals, it’s simply easier to stuff prepackaged offerings down your eat hole. This is where former home-sales consultant Diana Diaz hit her breaking point. “Like many career women, I was so engulfed in climbing the ladder that I ignored the fundamentals of living a healthy life,” she recalls. “I would wake up early and rush to work, skip meals and after work would indulge in massive portions of unhealthy foods. I stopped and took a look in the mirror and saw that I was only 25 and looked 10 years older and was always lethargic and forgetful. It was at that moment that I decided to take control of my life once again, and I have not looked back.”

After ditching 35 pounds and 15 percent of her body fat, Diaz was transformed in every conceivable way. She was inspired and energized by the people she had met along the way, prompting her to put her body of knowledge to work, both as a coach and a competitor.

What motivated you to compete for the first time? 
My transformation journey inspired me to push my body and uncover my own maximum potential for developing a fit, symmetrical physique, worthy of stepping onstage. It took plenty of research, journaling and learning my body and how it responded to food, supplements and training routines. As I began to experience drastic changes in my physique, I decided to step onstage and reward myself for all the hard work and dedication. I was the girl who was told that my body was not meant to have abs ever. Stepping onstage was the icing on the cake!

What’s next for you?
I’ve done extremely well at an amateur level and not bad at a national level, but I’m looking to take the time to properly condition myself and try to earn my pro card in Figure.

Tell us how ProSupps’ products fit into your training regimen.
I have seen the struggle, the sweat, the passion, the knowledge that each and every team member has put into this company and its products. ProSupps’ high-quality products pretty much run through my veins from the moment I wake up to the moment I am ready to go to bed.

What’s your best advice on supplementation?
We put our bodies through rigorous activities and expect them to recover and bounce back immediately. Without proper refueling, this will not happen. Protein, aminos, glutamine, even fat burners that aid in speeding the metabolism are all beneficial to achieving the end goal.