Christina Larson


In the fitness industry, it’s difficult to predict the career arc of young upstart athletes. Hard-bodied models and competitors come and go, flaming out with regularity, sometimes for reasons that are hard to quantify. The ones who stick usually have something that distinguishes them from the pack. 

Meet Christina Larson, one of a multitude of young trainers with aspirations of making it big in fitness. Attractive, athletic, educated, this Optimum Nutrition model and spokeswoman owes her success to an absolute insistence on helping others. The spoils and staying power were just the icing on the cake.

You broke in as a Figure athlete but moved over to Bikini. Where are you most comfortable?
That’s a hard one. My best show was Figure Nationals in Atlanta when I did all Figure competition and placed second. The show before that was the USAs, where I placed third. Many people suggested that I switch to Bikini competitions, and I did try that for a year but felt that I lost too much muscle and I wasn’t happy, so I have now returned to Figure competition. That’s my true love! I placed sixth in the NPC Junior Nationals, D class. And now I am back on track to enjoy this year’s season.

Tell us about your history with His & Her Fitness. How did it come about, and how is the business going?
I started making my His & Her Fitness business plan while I was in college. When I got out of school, I started subcontracting as a trainer at a local gym in Kansas City and began building my business as a nobody in town. I just networked and had no fear. Within a month, I had 30 sessions a week, all one-on-one training. And from there, I just never stopped. A year-and-a-half later, I opened the doors of my own private personal-training gym, and it was just me. Now I have nine people on the H&H staff — trainers, massage therapists and even a writer. It’s great having that solid team of people I can trust. I have never looked back since that beginning point. I love what I do. Fitness is my passion, and faith gets me through.

How do you feel about being on the Optimum Nutritionteam, and how do its products fit in to your physique goals?
I love the ON team and appreciate how they make us feel so special. I use Hydrowhey, Opti-Women, Amino Energy, 100% Casein, and Glutamine Powder, and I’m also thinking of adding in Pro Complex next season.


Here’s how Christina Larson trains her shoulders and back to turn heads and light up score sheets at Figure competitions.