Got GAT?

While its company name recently changed, GAT’s commitment to quality and innovation did not.

Juliet famously asked Romeo, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet.” William Shakespeare’s sentiments hold true today as businesses find themselves changing their names in order to better reflect their brands — and their loyal customers don’t skip a beat in the process.

German American Technologies recently tested this theory when, after 10 years in business, it decided to re-brand as GAT. As expected, its loyal customers didn’t care what the company was called, as long as their favorite supplements remained intact. And they did.

“Our German-American roots run deeply throughout everything we do and always will,” says Anthony Presciano, vice president of GAT and an internationally recognized fitness model. “It’s a name change whose time has come, to reflect the global nature of GAT as we continue to innovate the future of nutraceuticals.”

Innovation is something GAT takes very seriously. In 2005, it came out with JetFuel, the original sweat-provoking, calorie-killing thermogenic. To date, it has sold 17 million dosages, and demand remains as strong as ever. GAT then created JetFuel Pyro, a feel-good fat burner that provides thermogenesis without jitters or mood swings.

“With the introduction of JetFuel Pyro, GAT is the first sports-supplement company to address the problems faced by hardcore consumers, like myself, who have experienced ‘bad thermogenics,’” Presciano says. “The uncomfortable and annoying feelings that thermogenics often create can drive you to curtail your diet, give in to cravings and return inches to your waistline. GAT has answered the calls of countless frustrated, discerning hardcore consumers.”

Presciano says that his team goes to the ends of the earth to purchase the exotic and far-flung compounds used to craft its products. “And our interest in finding the perfect ingredients is matched by our unflinchingly strict quality requirements,” he says. “Only after an exhaustive upfront scrutiny are the ingredients accepted into our formulas.”

Starting in early 2011, GAT further stretched its commitment to innovation by introducing several new products to store shelves. The first was JetFuel Protein, a maximum-potency dual leaning-out/muscle-building protein formula that is optimized for muscle-protein synthesis and fat loss. The new protein contains a USDA-patented nutrient-dense carbohydrate that has been shown to produce 400 percent lower insulin levels. Next came NitraFlex, a pre-trainer that increases testosterone within three hours of consumption and for as long as six weeks while also enhancing joint recovery and comfort. It’s so potent, only one scoop per 24-hour period is allowed. Finally, JetFuel Ultra, which is ideal for hardcore stimulant users and pre-contest dieting, is a dual thermogenic-adaptogenic that reduces cortisol levels by 24 percent and increases energy by 79 percent. One serving contains 400 percent of the dose of caffeine shown to increase metabolic rate in normal-weight men over a four-hour period.

“Unlike other companies, we’re not spending money to sponsor big names,” Presciano says. “Our customers can tell we put our money into innovation, research and development, and quality control. We’ve created a truly superior, best-of-breed product range.”