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Protein Powders

Optimize Protein Synthesis

Improving muscle protein synthesis requires the use of some very small helpers: bioactive peptides.

The concept of protein synthesis has etched itself deep into the creed of bodybuilding. But while avid lifters understand its importance, fitness enthusiasts often do not, even though it’s the cornerstone of successful training of any sort. In fact, to be more precise, we should probably refer to the process as muscle protein synthesis because that, more often than not, is the primary goal of people using supplements.

In general, protein synthesis refers to the act of rebuilding new and fortifying existing protein structures within the body. That’s accomplished by many factors, but the impetus for activation is the constant breaking down of those protein structures. At the heart of MPS is the continual demand-supply issue of those essential building blocks known as amino acids and the ability of the pathways that contribute to MPS to be opened. The success of this vital cycle is dependent on the direct intervention of bioactive peptides.

What Are Bioactive Peptides?

Bioactive peptides are, in basic terms, protein fragments that have a positive impact on biological functions as a result of their specific structures. Collectively, micro-concentrated BAPs form growth factors, proline-rich peptides (signaling proteins) and immunoglobulins (antigens, immune fighters) that cause an immediate effect on muscle protein synthesis, among some other cool benefits. That’s not a new concept. The fitness-minded have been consuming protein supplements for decades because they help improve MPS, among a host of other functions. In fact, bioactive peptides occur naturally in the body, because without them, protein synthesis would not happen. But what is new are the processes that pull important components out of the basic proteins.

Supplement companies continue to refine their production processes, as evidenced by the fact that from protein concentrates came isolates and then hydrolysates. They have also been extracting and perfecting various amino-acid combinations and analyzing the effect of each on performance and health. That has given rise to a host of combinations that do everything from improve MPS to decrease inflammation to improve immune function or excite specific pathways for other key benefits.

Bioactive peptides are present in all protein sources, so you will find them in egg proteins, plant proteins and, of course, standard animal protein sources like milk. In fact, you’re consuming BAPs and micro-concentrated protein forms every day, but your body is likely only using marginal amounts because, while these bioactives exist in all proteins, when they’re consumed as part of a whole protein, they often go unabsorbed and are broken down and used for other purposes or are simply just discarded. But now the bioactive peptides that unlock and activate specific functions within the human body and, more importantly for fitness enthusiasts, open up key channels that accelerate MPS, can be extracted, packaged and consumed on their own.

Optimizing Performance Through BAP Supplementation

The idea of supplementing is to increase a certain action in the body by supplying it with ingredients that enhance a particular function through a specific pathway. When isolated and extracted from the rest of the full protein, micro-concentrated bioactive peptides are able to specifically target and activate the exact sequence of events that causes protein synthesis. Rather than trying to overload the muscle with large quantities of protein or amino acids, thereby saturating muscle tissue to try to trigger a response, these bioactive combinations are the direct signaling mechanisms that trigger protein synthesis itself.

Of course you want to see results from training. You’re hoping the products you’re taking will ensure rapid recovery, stronger sets and more energy. But unfortunately, there are no guarantees when it comes to training because every person is unique, not only in their genetic makeup but also in their ability to process foods, build muscle and maintain shape. This is where precision-engineered BAPs can help you the most.

The best way to explain how BAPs work is to use the analogy of what fertilizer means to your lawn. You know you need sunlight and water for your lawn to grow. But add fertilizer and other special chemicals, and your grass comes in greener, longer, stronger and healthier. That is precisely how specifically engineered BAPs work. You still need to train and eat properly, but BAPs act as a powerful fertilizer to help you increase size, speed or whatever your training goal is.

The unique thing about BAPs is that they can be consumed just about any time of day: with meals, on their own, as a preworkout or postworkout supplement. While they are not a direct substitute for whey protein or individual amino acids, their active components are often more powerful, so adding them to your protein or amino shakes can create an even greater effect. Early indications confirm that BAPs may have a positive effect when consumed around exercise sessions. However, data strongly supports that day-round supplementation with BAPs yields positive results.

In addition to their influence on MPS, BAPs appear to have other strong benefits to recovery and pain reduction that may further enhance the results from those hard-fought workout battles. Check them out and get on the BAPwagon.