Driven To Excel

Bodybuilding star Jorge Betancourt has led his namesake company to the forefront of supplement science.

What do you get when a former National Physique Committee bodybuilding champion athlete who once won the teen USA, teen overall national championship and the southern states overall before the age of 20, starred in the best-selling video Teen Wonderboy, and then built a successful personal training business decides to turn his attention to supplement formulation? The perfect storm: a supplement company led by a man with more than 20 years of experience in the industry and a reputation for credibility.

“Our goal is to provide the hardcore bodybuilding nonconformist with an alternative to the homogenized sameness of the suburban supplement scenery by developing addictively sweet and immediately anabolic formulas,” says Jorge Betancourt, president of Betancourt Nutrition. “I knew that with the knowledge and experience I had accumulated over the years, I could formulate a unique line of supplements that would simplify and excite the serious bodybuilding athlete’s life and provide him or her with results that can be seen and felt immediately.”

His first product was Ripped Juice, a dietary supplement formula used by serious bodybuilders for control of body fat and stimulation of energy levels. The company now offers dozens of products, all made in its 140,000-square-foot Good Manufacturing Practices-certified facility. “Our team of expert nutritional architects formulates, tests and certifies every supplement with the attention to detail, passion and dogged perseverance of makers of fine wine,” Betancourt says. “This has allowed us to break out of the soulless, tasteless mold of contemporary supplement formulas and into products that are intensely real and flavorful.”

One such tasty product line is Chewies — which Betancourt refers to as “muscle candy” because of the delicious taste. Chewies BCAA, for instance, has 2,000 milligrams of branched-chain amino acids per serving to increase protection from muscle damage; customers say the strawberry-kiwi, tangerine and very berry flavors are “addictively sweet.” Meanwhile, Chewies Di-Creatine has 5,000 milligrams of di-creatine malate per serving to delay fatigue and speed recovery between sets while increasing lifting capacity. And Chewies Glutamine offers 4,000 milligrams of L-glutamine per serving to increase muscle hydration and expansion, enhance recovery from training and increase growth-hormone levels.

“We’ve recently reformulated our Chewies to be sugar free,” Betancourt says. “This is great news for bodybuilders who can now eat this ‘candy’ all the way through their pre-training because it won’t ruin their competition diet. New flavors include fruit punch, blue raspberry, raspberry and watermelon.”

Betancourt is even more excited about the new line of products for more hardcore athletes. Bullnox Androrush — the world’s first preworkout testosterone and NOX intensifier — keeps your pumps anabolically potent by delivering neural energy, strength endurance, endocrine ignition, anabolic solidification and cardiovasomuscular dilation in a 5-1 ratio of potassium to sodium. Tremendous reviews and a fast-growing following led to the development of Bullrush Recelerator, which helps advanced athletes who want to experience maximum recovery compression and the fastest possible realization of muscular adaptations. To complete the innovative stack, Betancourt launched Big Blend, a muscle builder that contains refined proteins and amino-acid derivatives from 22 different sources, all fortified by a low-calorie, low-glycemic infrastructure of brown-rice bran, proteolytic enzymes and carbohydrate.

“My experience in bodybuilding, training and competing gives me that extra edge of knowing what my customers are looking for,” Betancourt says. “I formulate, test and use every batch and every product before it gets to the consumers’ hands. That’s how I know you can trust our products.”