Athlete-Tested, University-Approved

Products that work: Check. Products that taste good: Check. Products that meet strict quality-control standards: Check. So what makes VPX Sports Nutrition stand out from rival brands that boast much the same?

“The greatest point of differentiation that sets VPX/Redline apart from the competition is the sheer number of peer-reviewed and published university research studies that prove the efficacy of the products we sell,” says TJ Humphreys, vice president of sales. “Without a doubt, this is what makes us stand out as the ‘Front-Runner in Sports Nutrition Pharmacology.’”

This differentiator is no coincidence — back in 1993, Jack Owoc founded VPX with one main goal: to produce the highest-grade sports-nutrition supplements on the market that work as promised. The first product launched was called ATP-R (Adenosine Triphosphate Resynthesizer), the first creatine product to increase insulin release and function, enabling more creatine and glucose to be transported into muscle cells. Next up was Cross Pro, which was the only whey protein isolate available at the time. Soon after, the Redline Energy brand was launched, and before long, seven university studies had been published proving the efficacy of Redline products.

The VPX/Redline product lineup includes products for fat loss and energy, muscle building, preworkout and postworkout/recovery, and overall health. They are designed for fitness enthusiasts and athletes who are serious about achieving their fitness and physique goals.

One such product is the new Coco Fit rehydration drink. “With its unique adaptation of one of the world’s oldest and most natural and proven rehydration fluids, Coco Fit combines all-natural and refreshing coconut water with vitamin D, healthy omega-3 fats, and antioxidant-rich natural flavorings,” Humphreys says. “Researchers would have to consider this the world’s first all-natural and healthiest rehydration sports drink. If you’re tired of sucking down traditional artificially flavored sugary sports drinks that are high in calories and low on performance, Coco Fit is the healthiest hydrating sensation in the world of beverages.”

When it comes to fat burners, Humphreys says Meltdown is the most powerful option on the market. “Meltdown is the only fat burner proven to be more potent than the ephedrine/caffeine stack,” he says. “It burns fat while sparing lean muscle and shifts metabolism to burn fat even if you’re sitting still.”

As for premium energy drinks, a recent university study discovered Redline Xtreme gives athletes a 7.5 percent improvement in reaction time, a 13 percent increase in energy and a 15 percent increase in focus. “Whether you’re reacting to a 100 mph pitch or a 120 mph tennis serve, juking a player on the football field or delivering a knockout ultimate fighting blow, reaction time is the key to a winning performance,” Humphreys says.

VPX also recognizes that the race to secure successful partnerships is another key to its successes. “The most significant partnership to date has been the creation of Team Redline Xtreme and partnering with SH Racing/KV Racing Technologies to race in this year’s Indy 500,” Humphreys says. “Team Redline Xtreme driver Tomas Scheckter finished the race in eighth position, garnering an impressive top 10 Indy finish for our first season in racing.”