The Whys of Whey - Muscle & Performance

The Whys of Whey


Ask your average gym-goer, and he’ll tell you that whey protein is among the most important supplements he takes. Ask him why he takes whey, and he’ll tell you that it helps him develop lean mass. He’s right, of course, but there’s so much more to whey’s benefits — assuming you’re taking the right whey, of course.

4EverFit manufactures and distributes an array of different whey flavors as the Fruit Blast the Isolate brand. But one thing is consistent to all of them — the source of whey is cold filtered, undenatured and glycomacropeptide. All those characteristics are critical to maintaining the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and high-biological value of the protein source. 4EverFit’s research and development work with these delicate whey proteins has demonstrated incredible health and performance value that is easy for users to confirm. With 4EverFit Fruit Blast the Isolate, you will experience faster recovery after workouts and reduced postworkout soreness (both will allow for greater training intensity), improved immune system health to keep training consistent, improved muscle thickness and strength, and better appetite control and fat management. Here’s why.

Whey protein acts as a powerful antioxidant.

Whey protein is rich in glutathione precursors that are one of the best sources of glutathione, among the body’s most important antioxidants. Glutathione pumps up immune cells and helps the brain function — and it also helps beef up the lean tissues of the body and speed recovery from training. One reason whey improves results from exercise has to do with the fact that it improves glutathione levels. The cells of the body can absorb the glutathione precursors found in whey better than pure glutathione supplementation.

Properly processed whey protein fights inflammation.

The interesting paradox you face when you work out to improve fitness and reduce the risk for disease is that physical work generates oxidation, and uncontrolled oxidation creates inflammation. As you age, this inflammation tends to escalate and can interfere with fat burning and promote increased postworkout soreness and slower recovery from training. And the heavier the training, the more vulnerable you become to inflammatory activity until building and maintaining muscle mass becomes a balancing act between maximum workload and rate of recovery. Whey tips the scale in your favor by providing the tools to manage that inflammatory activity.

Get with the program.

The faster oxidation and inflammation are neutralized, the faster you can start rebuilding broken-down muscle fibers into bigger and stronger lean mass. Recent Ohio State University research confirms the value of decreasing oxidation and inflammation to alleviate postworkout soreness and improve recovery rate. Alleviating the soreness is not at all about the pain; it’s merely an indicator that muscle anabolism can ensue undisturbed, using the high-biological-value protein building blocks supplied.

You can use postworkout soreness intensity as an informal gauge to evaluate whether an extra drink of whey each day is helping you hit your goals. If you feel you’re recovering faster, this simple change will make a huge difference in the rate of gain or conditioning.

Taking the right whey protein — one that is cold processed, undenatured and glycomacropeptide rich, like 4EverFit’s Fruit Blast the Isolate — will go a long way to helping you build new muscle, preserve existing lean muscle, protect against illness, and keep your body hard, fit and healthy.