The Power of Growth Hormone


Growth hormone has long been sought after for its anti-aging properties, ability to increase athletic performance and to strip body fat, but what is growth hormone?

To answer the first question, we went to Richard Bloomer, Ph.D., a scientist at the University of Memphis in Tennessee who recently released a study on growth hormone: “Growth hormone is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland regulated by two hypothalamic peptides,” he says. “The major influences of growth hormone are its anabolic effect on bodily tissues, including growth, cell reproduction and regeneration. The main physiologic functions of growth hormone include increased protein synthesis, increased lipolysis [fat burning], increased collagen synthesis, increased cartilage growth, decreased glycogen synthesis and glucose utilization, and enhance immune cell function.”

Sounds great, right? But there are a lot of growth-hormone products out there, so how do you know which one to get? USPlabs is the industry leader in innovative premium sports-nutrition products, and it puts its money where its mouth is, commissioning scientific studies to prove that its products are superior. More than eight studies have been published so far. In one of those, Bloomer conducted a peer review and conducted research to find out if USPlabs’ PowerFULL lived up to the hype.

The study took 15 healthy, exercise-trained men, tested their base-line growth-hormone levels, then gave them three capsules of PowerFULL on two different occasions one week apart. Their GH levels were tested again at 20-minute intervals up until 120 minutes post ingestion.

The results?

Growth-hormone levels skyrocketed at 60, 80 and 120 minutes after ingestion. Peak growth-hormone levels of 878 percent were reached at the 80-minute mark. “It is apparent that the GH response over the two-hour post-ingestion period is significant, in particular at the 80-minute post-ingestion time, when growth hormone reached a peak,” the researchers conclude.

What also makes these findings significant is that people normally associate growth-hormone release with just bedtime, and very few studies have been done with trained athletes during the day. The findings show that you don’t need to be asleep to get the full benefits of growth hormone.

That’s not to say that PowerFULL is purely a daytime supplement. A new sleep study has been conducted with PowerFULL and will soon be published. Anyone who has taken PowerFULL can attest to its ability to encourage a great night’s sleep.

And it’s not just scientific research that says that PowerFULL is worthwhile. The supplement has won multiple awards over the past four years, and it has been a best-seller for just as long. Not too many products out there can say all this, so if you’re looking for an all-natural proven way to increase growth hormone, USPlabs has made your decision pretty easy.