The OhYeah! Difference


Are you looking for the best-tasting protein bar ever? How about a bar that incorporates trail mix and stays below 200 calories? What about a tasty RTD protein drink that mimics a milkshake? Knowing your answer had to be “Oh yeah!” ISS Research recently launched some new products with you in mind.

“We introduced some seasonal flavors of our gooey, sweet candy-bar-like OhYeah! protein bars — peanut butter crunch, chocolate and caramel crunch, and butter toffee crunch,” says Jonathan Fay, marketing manager for ISS Research. “But due to the overwhelmingly positive response, they’re staying on board. You gotta try them to believe the hype.” The OhYeah! Good Grab bars have just 190 calories, 15 grams of premium protein, and only 4 to 5 grams of sugar, making them an ideal snack.

Next up in the bar category is the new OhYeah! Trail Mix. The company’s first uncoated bar, it’s a macronutrient blend of peanuts, raisins and milk chocolate candy pieces. “The great thing about this bar is that it doesn’t melt,” Fay says. “You can throw it in your backpack and eat it on the go. And it’s still under the 200-calorie mark.” A new flavor, one that has fruit and nuts, is in the works.

On the drink side of the business, the all-new 17-ounce OhYeah! Tetra is an RTD formulated for the gym-driven. “We bumped up the protein to 40 grams, and there’s about 280 calories,” Fay says. “It has new packaging but the same great taste.” Look for three lactose-free flavors with only 3 grams of sugar: chocolate milkshake, vanilla crème and strawberries and crème.

Finally, the new OhYeah! Total Mass System — the company’s first mass gainer — made its debut. Its 3:1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio is a rich source of naturally occurring branched-chain amino acids, complex carbs and macronutrients that support muscle growth, maintenance and recovery. It also contains fiber, probiotics and digestive enzymes to support nutrient breakdown and maximum calorie absorption.

“We invested in the highest-quality ingredients and kept it very clean,” Fay says. “It has 690 calories and 40 grams of protein, and it comes in four flavors: chocolate milkshake, vanilla and crème, strawberries and crème and cookies and crème.”

Even with 11 new products launched just by the second quarter of 2012 alone, Fay says OhYeah! is planning on expanding into new categories next year. “We’re working hard to bring new products to our customers and to continue evolving,” he says.