Smooth as Silk


In the ever-changing industry of sports nutrition, staying ahead of the curve is key. Whether it’s new discoveries or revitalizing existing finds, scientists are continually looking for the next big breakthrough. And the scientists at BPI Sports are creating a buzz in the sports-supplement world with the introduction of Blox, the first product to use SAAs (silk amino acids).

Over time, scientists have studied amino acids, the building blocks of muscle protein, and looked for new benefits and uses. The last discovery was branched-chain amino acids, which were cutting edge in 1980 and have been around ever since. BCAAs can be found on shelves almost anywhere and are still being advertised as “new science.” But the SAAs in Blox are making BCAAs yesterday’s science.

Extracted from actual silk, SAAs are produced by hydrolyzing silk proteins into smaller chains of 18-plus amino acids. Of these amino acids, only five — alanine, glycine, serine, valine and threonine — are sequenced in such a way that they create short proteins that have been shown to produce optimal pro-anabolic results. Used in traditional medicine in East Asia for centuries, silk proteins have been shown to provide a variety of natural effects, including enhancing exercise performance and possessing antioxidant properties.

To test the power of SAAs, researchers administered them to subjects 30 minutes before physical activity. After the six-week study, even the researchers were shocked by the improvements of the SAA subjects compared to the control group, which had received only water. The test group was found to have the following:

• Increased muscle growth by 15 percent
• Increased testosterone levels by 64 percent
• Halved cortisol levels
• Doubled muscle endurance

From the published research study, indexed at the National Institute of Health, National Library of Medicine: “SAA prolonged maximum [workout] time by increasing muscle volume and preventing tissue injury and/or preserving anti-fatigue energy sources. SAA also increased the blood concentrations of testosterone ... these results suggest that SAA not only enhances physical stamina by minimizing damage to tissue, including muscles as well as preventing energy depletion caused by [workout] stress, but also improve male reproductive function by increasing testosterone.”

BPI’s scientists and product developers have identified the precise sequence of five silk amino acids that provide the most potent qualities and have used those to formulate Blox. This new product breakthrough is quickly becoming the prime pre-, intra- and postworkout supplement for bodybuilders and other athletes. SAAs and Blox are taking sports nutrition to the next level.