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Hydravol, with its blend of muscle-hydrating nutrients, supports significant increases in strength and muscle vasodilation and promotes harder, fatigue-resistant muscles. This supports gains in strength and lean muscle mass. Hydravol does this via a blend of waxy maize, creatine pyruvate (which is a more absorbable version of creatine monohydrate), beta-alanine (which helps to increase carnosine levels and absorb creatine better), creatine monohydrate, glucose polymers, taurine and glycerol.

Hydravol also contains a precise superfruit and antioxidant blend that supports leucine synthesis, which increases muscle protein anabolism. This fruit blend was also found to enhance nitric-oxide production, better even than L-arginine, which promotes optimal blood flow and oxygen supply to muscles.

Finally, Hydravol dramatically increases energy levels and focus pre-exercise — and not just with megadoses of caffeine that only make you crash. Each serving of Hydravol switches you on, enhancing concentration, stimulating mental alertness, and improving thermoregulation through the use of proven compounds like L-tyrosine, beta-phenylethylamine and phosphatidylserine, which also helps to dramatically lower your cortisol levels.

Why is there no arginine in the formula?
QNT believed that with the number of preworkout formulas on the market that increase nitric-oxide levels through the intake of arginine, there was no need for the company to follow the same path. Instead, QNT decided to use different ingredients, namely its superfruit blend, that accomplish a nitric-oxide increase and also focus on using nutrients that have been proven to increase muscle-cell volume.

How should I use Hydravol for maximum results?
Consume one or two scoops approximately 15 minutes before exercise, preferably on an empty stomach. Mix each scoop of Hydravol with 5 to 6 ounces of water in a shaker or with a spoon. (You can use as much as three scoops at one time.)

Is there anyone who should not use

People who have high blood pressure should always check with their doctor before using Hydravol.