One For All

With products that help elite athletes and weekend warriors alike, AllMax Nutrition has built a brand you can trust.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had all the time in the world to work out? But you don’t. In fact, you’ve got a pretty busy schedule, so you must use your time at the gym wisely. And because you’re not willing to sacrifice results for your compressed schedule, AllMax Nutrition is dedicated to science, innovation, quality and results to help you achieve your goals as quickly an efficiently as possible.

“The majority of people who use and love our products aren’t elite athletes and body builders, but people who have regular jobs and live a normal life — and excel in their aspiration to achieve their greatest potential,” says Jason Bell, director of marketing. “AllMax started six years ago out of a strong desire to make truly high quality, no nonsense products. At the time, there were a lot of companies who were supplying relatively average products at a higher cost with a large dose of hype.”

AllMax is so confident that its products are high quality, that it has a transparent label protocol, meaning it discloses each of the ingredients in its products in the amount that is included. “We have nothing to hide,” explains Bell. “AllMax products include truly effective amounts of ingredients that we are very proud of. We want our customers to know what they are getting and in what amount.”

A great example is Isoflex whey protein isolate, AllMax’s first and still number-one product. “We have always purchased raw protein exclusively from a single source for the absolute highest quality protein isolate because we are dedicated to the quality of the protein,” says Bell. “We are dedicated to the purest cold temperature processing that keeps the fragile proteins at 4 degrees Celsius at all times, and maintains the purest bioactive whey protein fractions that are so important to the benefits of protein supplementation. There are products that cost less, but AllMax customers know the difference our quality makes and it is worth it.”

Aside from Isoflex, AllMax also offers the following products at Vitamin Shoppe: Hemanovol, a powerful, tri-layer 3MPD multipathway nitric oxide muscle pump stimulator; Cremagnavol, a 3MPD tri-layer CapTAB that is a power, strength and size stimulator featuring the 100 percent fully reacted creatine magnesium chelate shown to increase muscle power by 185%; and the AMINOCORE, an exclusive instantized BCAA stick pack that delivers 8 grams of research-directed 45:30:25 percent ratio of BCAAs with seven forms of rare B vitamins and 100 mg of KIC.

“We back our products with gold-standard, peer-reviewed research and Aminocore is a great example,” says Bell. “BCAAs are really hot in the market right now. We have brought an entirely new and truly scientifically effective formulation to the market based on world-renowned research. Following strict protocol, we included a very precise 8,180 mg of BCAAs in specific a specific ratio: 45 percent leucine, 30 percent valine and 25 percent isoleucine. This resulted in a 350% increase in mTor activity within cells — mTor is the “master switch” for muscle building. This landmark study used highly advanced gene chip analysis to verify the increase in muscle-building activity. While other products continue to use an old-school 2:1:1 ratio at amounts that do not yield results, we are truly committed to the research that has been proven to be effective.”

Because AllMax provides the best possible product based on cutting-edge research, Bell says its customers feel the difference in their performance. “This is why our customers stay with AllMax for the long haul.”