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New Worlds To Conquer

After a Hall of Fame professional bodybuilding career, Rich Gaspari found a new dragon to slay, founding his own namesake supplement company — Gaspari Nutrition — to massive success.

He may have the titles Mr. Universe, the first Professional Mr. World, Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic and three-time Mr. Olympia runner-up on his bodybuilding resume, but that didn’t guarantee Rich “The Dragon Slayer” Gaspari that the launch of his supplement company Gaspari Nutrition was going to be easy. “I started my business with very little money out of the back of a van at my mom’s house,” he says. “Sure, as a former bodybuilder, I knew my customers could relate to me and they’d recognize my last name — the majority of companies are just faceless entities — but at the end of the day, the products have to speak for themselves.”

And it’s that modest theory that has led to his company’s success and mission: to make great products and support them with unbiased, independent clinical research. Gaspari’s recipe is simple — by putting his resources into the formulas and funding for the independent clinical trials to back up his products’ claims, he earns his customers’ repeat business. “People buy my products, like the effects, buy the products again and then tell their friends about them,” he says. “The second sale is the most important because that shows customer loyalty.”

The Gaspari Nutrition product line consists of the preworkout SuperPump 250, an instant lean-muscle amplifier; Novedex XT, a testosterone booster; SizeOn, a nonhormonal cell-volumizing matrix that induces maximal muscle recovery and size gain; PlasmaJet, a comprehensive pure nitric oxide formula; and Cytolean V2, a high-energy body-fat inhibitor. “Cytolean V2’s time-released formula will provide you with long-lasting energy and increased mental clarity and may actually inhibit the formation of new fat deposits,” Gaspari says. “It modulates your cortisol levels so you don’t lose muscle, and your metabolism stays up even during periods of low caloric intake.”

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Along with distributing to retailers like The Vitamin Shoppe, Gaspari has found a unique way to bring these products to his fans: by hosting free workshops that teach proper training and professional posing techniques, and nutrition and supplementation paired with friendly pumping and push-up competitions. These Dragon’s Den seminars, which also serve as a way to give back to the sport of bodybuilding, have visited two cities so far, and Gaspari hopes to tour more across the country.

To catch a glimpse of the Dragon’s Den seminars, view the tip of the day, and watch videos of Gaspari’s motivational speeches, and interviews with Flex Lewis and Mark Alvisi, visit and select “Gaspari TV” from the menu. “I want the Gaspari site to be a place where people can come to gain and share information and inspiration,” Gaspari says, demonstrating his company’s innovative vision. “I strive to make the best products on the market. We aren’t the type of company that follows; we want to be the leader. Bodybuilding gave me the drive, persistence and determination to succeed, and now that I’m on this side of the business, I put that same effort into my supplements.”