Natural Selection

The USPlabs team seeks out the highest quality raw materials available to assemble an amazing array of top-quality supplements.

It’s a guiding aim of the industry: Build dietary supplements that not only improve performance but also are made with safe, natural compounds. And that is precisely the mission that drove Jacob Geissler, CEO of USPlabs, to begin a comprehensive study of the world’s natural herbal compounds while studying nutrition at Texas A&M University in the mid-1990s.

“With the assistance of top sports scientists, I began a mission to discover breakthrough ingredients that were used in Eastern medicine for years,” Geissler says. “The results have been startling. Users of USPlabs’ products consistently surpass personal records and develop physiques they didn’t imagine possible. Simply put, those who demand the best choose USPlabs.”

So how does USPlabs ensure that it’s producing supplements that will really deliver on the claims? It starts with the highest quality raw materials available in its company-controlled harvesting facility.

“We didn’t trust many sources of raw materials, so we decided to take matters into our own hands,” Geissler explains. “Since many of our products are natural and organic, we decided to control the growing, harvesting and extraction of the raw materials ourselves. We use land with nutrient-filled fertile soil native to our herbs. This way, we can control the quality and potency of the growing herbs. Remember, if you get a poor-quality herb or the incorrect extract, you might as well be swallowing dirt.”

Next, the company’s research-and-scientific team uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that every bottle of USPlabs’ products contains the highest potency and freshest amounts of ingredients. This helps guarantee that each time you purchase a product, it won’t be a “hit or miss” situation in which you only have noticeable results here or there. Rather, you’ll have noticeable results with every bottle, Geissler promises.

USPlabs’ product list includes Jack3d, an ultra-pure, ultra-potent preworkout formula; Prime, the muscle pill that helps promote size and strength through nonhormonal pathways; Anabolic-Pump, a nutrient-partitioning agent that helps deliver nutrients to lean muscle tissue; PowerFULL natural growth-hormone releaser; SuperCissus RX, an award-winning joint formula featuring a key ingredient backed by a U.S. patent; and Recreate, a clinical-strength fat burner and appetite suppressor. “People love Recreate because it’s lower in stimulants than many other products,” Geissler says. “It won’t make your heart race, yet can deliver results fast.”

USPlabs certainly doesn’t plan on stopping there. “I can’t tell you the exact name, as it is currently undergoing university studies, but let’s just say the next product in our pipeline is the world’s first super-thermogenic, and it will change the fat-loss category forever,” Geissler hints.

But USPlabs’ products don’t just help athletes and bodybuilders reach their potential — undernourished children worldwide will benefit from the company’s recent charitable endeavor. From December 2009 to May 2010, USPlabs will donate a portion of every sale at The Vitamin Shoppe locations to Vitamin Angels, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing child mortality worldwide by advancing availability, access and use of essential nutrients (in the form of multivitamins and vitamin A) to more than 4 million newborns, infants and children younger than five.

When asked how he feels about the direction his company is moving in, Geissler is confident that continued success is in his future. “We have a great bond with our customers because we share the same passion they do,” he says. “Our dedication to our craft has allowed us to continually release supplements that perform and deliver. Our customers know we will continue to bring them the highest quality, result-producing products possible.”