Lean Muscle-Building Machine


Professional strongmen like Robert Oberst and bodybuilders like Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay and Dennis James, not to mention cyclists, CrossFit athletes, football players and many others who train extremely hard, take Supertein as part of their supplement regimen. Why? Well, let’s let GAT CEO and President Charles Moser break it down: “The macronutrient profile of Supertein suits the lean, hard-training athlete very well. It works like a machine and tastes fantastic.” 

“Most athletes can benefit from increasing the size, strength, speed, power and leanness of their muscles,” Moser says. “Doing so requires performing high-intensity exercise and eating high-quality protein regularly.” 

Of course, you know that high-intensity effort burns fuel and that if you neglect your body’s fuel supply, your muscles won’t be able to use protein as efficiently. That scenario can lead to slower recovery and fewer tangible results from training. Supertein was specifically designed to help the hard-training athlete avoid such a result.

The Supplement With a Difference

According to GAT, Supertein is distinguished by its macronutrient profile — specifically, its balance of high-quality proteins and fuel-bearing carbohydrates in roughly a 1.5:1 ratio. Moser explains that this unique balance makes Supertein much more potent for an athlete’s muscles than a bare-bones, “zero-carb” protein supplement. “Our formula contains ample amounts of high-quality proteins plus enough carbohydrate fuel to ensure that every gram of protein is used with maximum efficiency in the time period leading up to their next regular meal,” he says. “Athletes constantly tell us that Supertein makes their muscles feel much more recovered and ready to go within hours of taking it. We attribute this to its unique macronutrient profile.”

The Supertein Athlete

Simply stated, Supertein is ideal for athletes who train hard, enduring long and/or exhaustive workouts. For instance, bodybuilders often perform high-volume resistance exercises five or six days a week. CrossFit athletes also train several days a week, sometimes more than once daily. The constantly varying nature of their workouts can make recovery especially challenging. Football players, mixed martial artists, soccer players — the list of hard-training athletes is endless. For all these individuals, the macronutrient profile of Supertein should come as a welcome — and flavorful — relief. “We went out of our way to make a formula that produces creamy, delicious shakes — supershakes,” Moser says.