Breaking New Ground, Again


Blame it on his background as a bodybuilder, but Gerard Dente, president and CEO of MHP, has a burning desire to finish first. And so he has led his company to the forefront of innovation by being the first to introduce a time-release protein, the first to introduce a ready-to-eat pudding and the first to introduce a brand targeted at those engaged in high-intensity training.

And so it’s no surprise that MHP’s most recent product launches are also firsts. Take Myo-X, for example. Designed for any athlete who has ever been frustrated by genetic limitations, it represents a monumental breakthrough in muscle building based on the science of inhibiting the body’s production of myostatin, a protein discovered in 1997 that is responsible for limiting muscle growth. Dr. Carlon Colker, along with other doctors and scientists, identified and isolated a natural bioactive compound that is put through a proprietary high-grade handling process that carefully preserves and magnifies the concentration of the 80 proteins, 700 peptides and numerous biologically active growth factors unique to this product.

“Interestingly enough, although clinical research shows that Myo-X lowers myostatin levels by 46 percent with just one dose, the speed with which physical effects are experienced can vary from person to person,” Dente says. “By scanning the forums, some people report feeling the positive effects of Myo-X in as little as a few days up to two weeks, while others say they feel the maximum benefits during their second month of use. In fact, I’ve been taking it for five months, and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in in a few years — and I just turned 45.”

The second new product that MHP recently launched, Dopamite, belongs to a new class of weight-loss supplements known as dopaminergics. If you have frequent cravings, low energy and a sluggish metabolism, you may be suffering from low levels of dopamine, the driving force of your brain’s reward/pleasure/motivation system. “The reason most diets fail is because people can’t control their cravings,” Dente says. “Dopamite helps catalyze fat burning by supporting maximum healthy levels of dopamine. This wards off cravings and binge eating because it releases the chemicals in the brain that create pleasure and satisfaction.”

Finally, to address the growing trend of people following the Paleo, or caveman, diet (consisting of foods that can be hunted, fished or gathered and are free of additives), who have few options for protein powders, MHP has created Paleo Protein. This combination of two of nature’s best protein sources for athletes — premium-grade beef protein isolate and ultra-pure egg-white protein — is naturally loaded with branched-chain amino acids and all the other essential amino acids you need to enhance muscle growth and recovery. “We had a lot of requests through social media from the CrossFit community and Paleo diet followers because there weren’t many options available to them,” Dente says. “Using only all-natural flavors and Stevia as its sweetener, Paleo Protein is also lactose-free and gluten-free.”