See Food, Eat Food

See Food, Eat Food

Are there certain unhealthy foods that you simply can’t resist? Whatever those are for you, don’t even let them enter your house if you want to keep from indulging. As part of a recent — and fairly quirky — experiment by the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, more than 200 kitchens in Syracuse, N.Y., were photographed to predict the weight of the respective female homeowners. “The Syracuse Study,” as it was called, found that women who had breakfast cereals and soft drinks sitting on top their counters were on average 20 pounds and 24 to 26 pounds heavier, respectively, than those who didn’t. (And it’s safe to assume that those 20 to 26 pounds weren’t shredded muscle.) Conversely, those with fruit bowls showing in the kitchen were 13 pounds lighter.

Take-Home Bites: What was learned from this unique study? There’s definitely something to the “see food” cliché: If you constantly see it, chances are you’ll eat it. Don’t tempt yourself. It’s OK to feed a craving every now and then to maintain sanity; just do your best to feed it outside of your home.