Yet Another Case For Sleep


A few months ago, M&P cover boy Gunter Schlierkamp gave us some great advice. “Every day should be eight hours of work, eight hours of fun, eight hours of sleep,” he said. “Balance it, and you’ll be fine.” He’s right, but for most of us, that third category tends to trail the other two. Now, a new study gives us another reason to catch up on our shut-eye. According to research published in March 2011 in The Journal of Neuroscience, gamblers get dumber when they’re sleep deprived. More specifically, when volunteers went without dream time, they were more likely than members of a control group to chase big wins during gambling tasks, even though the risks were greater — and the losses deeper. Maybe a lack of rest could come in handy if you’re a little timid at the poker table. Then again, your wife probably won’t be so thrilled when you use her as a betting chip while holding a pair of threes. So get your z’s, people. Your body — and your wallet — will thank you.