Want to Shape Up? Move!

The 2010 American Fitness Index report is in, and our fittest metro area is …Washington D.C. The report, which evaluates health and community fitness factors in the country’s 50 largest metropolitan areas, gave D.C. the nod thanks to such advantages as more parks, pools, tennis courts, rec centers and farmer’s markets per capita, as well as a greater number of primary health-care providers and pedestrian and bicycle commuters.

The District of Columbia narrowly beat out the Boston, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Seattle and Portland metro areas. Where aren’t you likely to be fitter and healthier? The bottom five finishers were Louisville, Detroit, Memphis, Birmingham, and, lastly, Oklahoma City. Clearly, the American Fitness Index isn’t familiar with OKC Thunder forward Kevin Durant, who averaged 30.1 points a game to lead the NBA in scoring. You’ve gotta be pretty fit to pull that off, right?