This Month: Phosphatidylcholine


How would you like to improve endurance, mental function and fat burning all at the same time? It only requires a single supplement.

What: Put simply, phosphatidylcholine (say it with us: foss-FAT-i-dill-ko-leen) is a special kind of fat whose job is to carry around choline, which is part of an important neurotransmitter called acetylcholine.

Where: The primary supplemental source of phosphatidylcholine is a compound called lecithin. Most often derived from soybeans (although it’s found in egg yolks and other animal and plant products), lecithin is a rich source of essential fats and, yes, phosphatidylcholine.

Why: Two reasons. One, choline helps move fat from fat stores into cells to be burned (which, duh, makes those fat stores smaller). And two, during hard workouts, levels of acetylcholine drop, which is one of the causes of muscle fatigue. The extra choline in the bloodstream can create more acetylcholine, helping you work out longer.

How: Take 3 to 9 grams of phosphatidylcholine daily or take about 4 tablespoons of a granular form of lecithin (mixes easily in water or a protein shake) daily in two to four divided doses.