Thicker Upper Pecs

Incline Bench Press
Nothing fancy here — just a basic compound movement that allows you to go heavy to pack on size in the upper portions of the chest. Lower the bar all the way down, touching just below your collarbones at the bottom of the rep, then press up until your elbows are just shy of lockout. At the top, the bar should be directly above your shoulders.

Incline Cable Flye
Center an adjustable bench set to 30 to 45 degrees in a cable crossover station, placing it so that the back end of the bench is in line with the weight stacks. Lie back on the bench holding D-handles attached to the lowest pulley settings. Start with your arms slightly bent and straight out to the sides, then contract your pecs to pull your hands together directly over your upper chest, maintaining the same slight elbow bend throughout. Squeeze your pecs hard for one to two counts at the top.

Decline Push-Up
Place your feet up on a bench or plyometric box and place your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart like you normally would when doing push-ups. (When choosing a plyometric box, it doesn’t have to be very tall; an 18- or 24-inch box will suffice.) Start in the up position of a push-up with your body in a straight line from head to heels and your arms fully extended. Bend your elbows to lower yourself down as far as possible, at least to where your upper arms are parallel with the floor, then forcefully press back up to the start position. Maintain the rigid body position throughout the set.

Upper-Pec Workout