The Key to Your Ignition


Whether you’re an endurance athlete seeking an edge so you can perform longer or you’re a physique athlete looking for more efficient results from your cardio training, you should consider taking these supplements before workouts.

This amino acid supports increased strength and enhanced muscle endurance. It combines with histidine to form carnosine, a small protein molecule found in muscle tissue. Research shows that muscles high in carnosine have greater strength, so taking beta-alanine is one of the best ways to increase carnosine levels.

Ursolic Acid
This relatively new supplement is fairly hard to come by, but it’s worth looking for. Ursolic acid is a potent polyphenol derived from apples that encourages the body to burn fat. It not only will help reduce abdominal fat but also will help the body use that released fat to fuel workouts.

Supplementing with this active ingredient from the Citrus aurantium plant helps boost metabolic rate and encourages fat cells to release fat to be used by the body for energy. Together, that’s a potent means of encouraging fat burning.

Caffeine promotes fat burning and supports energy and focus while training. It also increases strength, reduces fatigue and blunts pain from intense training, making it a great supplement to take before workouts. The anhydrous (pill) form is most effective for supporting these goals because it allows you to pinpoint the dosage.

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