Take A Sand


It’s July. The sun is shining. The gym is stuffy. Why not get outside with a killer full-body workout? And while you’re daydreaming of the beach, why not incorporate some sand?

Earlier this year, we introduced you to the idea of creating your own sandbag to use as an occasional alternative to barbells. (Here’s a reminder: Pour 50 to 100 pounds of sand or peat gravel into a contractor-grade plastic bag, duct-tape it, put it in another bag, duct-tape again, and put that in a big duffle bag.) As the sand shifts inside the bag, it requires the body to work harder to stabilize itself — a feeling you’ll remember if you think back to when you first learned how to handle free weights.

Now, Rich Stoner, USA Weightlifting-certified sports performance coach and owner of New Jersey’s Elite Basketball Training and Elite Sports Performance, brings you Stoner’s Sandbag Complex, another sandbag workout. “Complexes are a series of movements performed one right after the other without putting the implement — in this case, the sandbag — down,” he explains. “They can be fun, intense and will get your heart rate up in a hurry.

Complete six repetitions each of the following exercises:
1. Sandbag Clean
2. Squat
3. Push Press
4. Bent-Over Row
5. Push-Up
Rest for 90 seconds and then repeat for a total of five rounds. You’ll hit nearly all the muscle groups, and it will definitely be a challenge. Bonus: You just might pick up a killer tan, too