Supplement for Strength

Out of the Lab

Two studies emerging from Massey University in New Zealand have concluded that supplementing with HMB — the easy way to say beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate — can help increase lower-body strength. In the first, subjects took 3 grams of HMB or placebo daily for nine weeks: Those taking the supplement experienced a 9.1 percent increase in their one-rep maximum on the leg extension. (The effect on upper-body strength was inconclusive.)

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The results fall in line with the second study — a meta-analysis of HMB research — that found the supplement helped increase lower-body strength up to 9.9 percent and average overall strength up to 6.6 percent. All in all, it’s powerful reasoning to try HMB yourself, if strength or mass gains (the stronger you are and the more you lift, the more muscle gains you prompt) are high on your list of priorities.