Sore Throat Relief

Seasonal Suffering

A scratchy, raspy sore throat can quickly put a halt to fun winter plans. You can relieve this painful condition by taking a combination of echinacea and sage, according to the results of a clinical trial published in the September 2009 issue of European Journal of Medical Research.

The multicenter, double-blind controlled study included 154 patients ages 12 to 75 who suffered from throat pain and inflammation of the pharynx and/or tonsils. Within 72 hours of experiencing symptoms, participants used either a sage/echinacea spray or a chlorhexidine/lidocaine spray, two puffs every two hours up to 10 times per day until they were symptom-free, for a maximum of five days. A response to treatment was defined as a decrease of at least 50 percent in their symptoms.

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Researchers found the sage/echinacea treatment was similar in efficacy to the chlorhexidine/lidocaine treatment in reducing sore-throat symptoms during the first three days. (Both treatments were well-tolerated by the patients.) Thus, if you’re feeling symptoms and you don’t necessarily want to go the medicinal method, you could opt for a sage/echinacea spray, such as Gaia Herbs Throat Shield Spray.