Solution for Fat-Free Growth


When you’re trying to cut body fat and maintain your muscle mass, you know that you have to supply your body with plenty of protein for growth. But that’s not all you need. Vitamins and minerals are crucial to health but are also essential for growth. When you’re trying to cut body fat, these nutrients can be much more important than even carbs and fat. This stack will maintain mass while cutting fat.

Protein: Priority No. 1 in getting lean and maintaining your muscle mass is providing your body with plenty of low-calorie protein. Look for whey blends (isolates and concentrates), whey-casein blends or whey-soy blends.

Vitamins and Minerals: Our bodies derive a great portion of these micronutrients from fruits and vegetables, but taking them supplementally is essential to ensuring optimal levels. Look for products that contain extracts from grape skin, blueberry, raspberry and other fruits and vegetables because these are dense in nutrients and will support your muscles and fat-loss efforts.

Digestive Enzymes: You may consume all the right nutrients, but if they’re not absorbed into your body, they merely go to waste. For instance, if you consume 20 grams of protein but your body doesn’t absorb it, then you aren’t going to get the muscle-building benefits of that protein. Taking a product that contains enzymes like amylase, protease and lactase help put the nutrients you’re consuming to their most effective use.

All-in-One: You get all these ingredients, in optimal doses, when you take Scivation’s Solution 5.