Pump It Up


Every hardcore trainer wants to experience an amazing muscle pump while performing intense sets and reps, not just because it makes you look good in the mirror but because the pump helps fuel muscle growth by driving blood and nutrients to muscle tissue. To boost this effect, consider taking these supplements before workouts.

Caffeine Anhydrous
This central-nervous-system stimulator helps override other input that tells you to put down the weights and go home. Caffeine anhydrous is well-studied, and conclusions include 1) it supports strength, allowing you to lift more weight or perform more reps; 2) it provides more energy to drive you to the gym; and 3) it pulls fat from stores to fuel weight training. 

Arginine Nitrate
This fusion of the amino acid arginine and nitric acid helps deliver more nutrients and blood to working muscles, not only improving the resulting pump but also helping you recover and grow. Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, the gas molecule that supports strength, recovery and muscle growth, and nitrates help open up blood vessels, amplifying these effects. 

Agmatine Sulfate
In the body, agmatine is synthesized from arginine, and it plays an important role in boosting nitric-oxide production. It does so by regulating nitric-oxide synthase, the enzyme that encourages NO production. Taking supplemental agmatine sulfate may support this process, and it also helps protect the neurons in your brain by supporting blood flow during times of deprivation or trauma. 

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