PREGNANT AND PUMPED - Muscle & Performance



Good news for expectant mothers who double as gym rats. Two recent studies support doing resistance training and cardio while pregnant. First, University of Georgia research published in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health reveals that supervised, low-to-moderate-intensity weight training by pregnant women is safe and beneficial. Scientists monitored 32 untrained women who engaged in back-focused workouts twice a week over a 12-week period and saw them increase their strength by an average of 36 percent. While there were a few instances of headache, pelvic pain and dizziness, there was not a single musculoskeletal injury.

Meanwhile, separate research presented by the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences at the Experimental Biology 2011 meeting in Washington looked at the effects of pregnant women jogging, power-walking or doing other mild cardio at least three times a week. Among other insights, scientists found that babies born to such mothers had healthier hearts than other infants a full month after delivery. Seems that pregnant women don’t just eat for two, they can train for two, too.