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Pec Punisher


Looking for a new way to add size to your chest? Here’s a push-up tri-set to use as a finisher in your pec workout: Using a standard flat bench, perform decline (feet elevated) push-ups to failure. Then immediately drop your feet to the floor and do standard push-ups, once again to failure. Without resting, put your hands on the bench, feet on the floor, and do as many incline push-ups as possible. Going from the toughest push-up variation (decline) to the easiest (incline) will allow you to maximize reps, and not resting between each will ramp up intensity. Do this tri-set one to three times, depending on your fitness level and how much other chest work you did beforehand. If you’re at home or on the road and can’t get to the gym, do this as a stand-alone chest workout using a solid chair instead of a bench and doing three to five tri-sets.