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A rapid rundown of fitness-related findings from around the globe:

Household chores: not a workout.Analyzing data from the U.K. Department of Health, researchers at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland concluded that housework probably shouldn’t count as formal exercise. Stats from the study showed that individuals who considered their weekly house cleaning to be moderate to vigorous activity tended to be heavier than those who did, well, actual workouts. 

Active teens are smarter teens.The British Journal of Sports Medicine reported recently that teenagers who engaged in regular moderate to vigorous exercise had higher test scores than those who didn’t. This provides further evidence that cutting physical education from schools is probably not a good idea. 

Diet and exercise can strain a relationship.A study out of North Carolina State University and University of Texas found that when one partner in a couple loses a significant amount of weight, it doesn’t necessarily help the relationship. In some cases, the researchers observed, the opposite partner resisted healthy lifestyle changes, didn’t support the weight-loser and even tried to sabotage the other’s efforts. These behaviors, however, by no means represented the majority of couples analyzed.