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Just Add Sand


Barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells are a few popular ways of lifting with free weights to maximize muscle and strength gains. But your options don’t stop there. Another great training tool that’s gaining traction is the sandbag. Sand is cheap and heavy (a great combination) and also shifts as you move it to provide greater core involvement and another level of functional strength. Standard sandbags can be awkward to hold and lift, which may appeal to strongman competitors. If you’re looking for a more manageable way to throw some sand around, however, check out the Ultimate Sandbag. Its durable outer shell offers seven different gripping options for unlimited exercise variety at a reasonable price. Sandbag packages come in four different sizes, ranging from 5- to 20-pound capacity up to 160 pounds, with prices starting at $70. For even more bang for the buck, M&P readers can save an additional 20 percent when purchasing at UltimateSandbagTraining.com by using the code MUSCLEPERFORMANCE at checkout.