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When you supplement to support fat burning, you have multiple options. That’s a good thing because body fat can be reduced through many different mechanisms. Taking the following supplements together creates a stack that will attack flab from all angles.

Yohimbine: This ingredient from the bark of the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree reduces body fat by inhibiting the receptors on fat cells that limit the amount of fat that can be removed from fat stores. Stored body fat must first be liberated before it can be burned. Taking yohimbine helps free up that fat so that other supplements can help burn it more effectively.

Caffeine: Not only is caffeine a stimulant, but it’s also an effective fat burner, binding to receptors on fat cells so more fat is released from fat stores. In addition, caffeine boosts the metabolic rate, allowing more total calories to be burned.

Synephrine: This extract from the Citrus aurantium plant busts fat out of fat stores and also increases metabolism while reducing appetite.

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For best results, cycle this product for two months twice per year and follow labeling information for dosing.