Here's The Beef


You take whey and casein and, depending on how enlightened you are, even soy protein powder. But there’s a new protein coming to shelves, and you should be taking that, too.

Beef isolate protein products retain all the benefits of whole-food beef protein while removing the unwanted fat calories that come with the meat version. Regardless of whether you’re eating beef or taking it in supplement form, the protein has a very high biological value. This means that the protein from beef is absorbed extremely effectively.

Other advantages include reduced allergens and hormones compared to whole-food beef and other protein sources; high counts of specific aminos that support collagen and tendon growth, helping to promote recovery from intense weight training; and, with its high alanine content, beef isolates help your body metabolize glucose, providing more energy during workouts.

Beef protein products come in powder and tablet form. Here are some that are newly available:

* MuscleMeds Carnivor delivers 23 grams of protein, no fat, only 6 grams of carbs and 116 calories total in a one-scoop serving.

* Olympian Labs’ Beef Protein gives you 23 grams of beef protein with only 110 calories, meaning it’s close to carb and fatfree.

* Universal Nutrition’s 100% Beef Aminos: Two tablets contain 3 grams of protein with only 12 calories. This product is designed to be taken before meals to improve the amino-acid profile you’re getting.