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Growth Response


Bodybuilders have known for years that drinking a whey protein isolate shake with fast-digesting carbs is the best way to maximize anabolic response, and thus muscle building, after hitting the weights. However, recent research illustrates that this supplement strategy is also beneficial for non-lifting workouts. A study conducted by the University of Bath Human Physiology Research Group in the U.K. showed that drinking a shake containing whey protein isolate and sucrose during a four-hour recovery period following moderate-intensity running resulted in 50 percent greater growth-hormone release after a second bout of running. Such augmented GH responses enable the body to recover faster and more completely from workout to workout. These findings extend the benefits of whey protein/carbohydrate supplementation to the sports setting and are especially applicable to those who compete in tournaments in which several games or matches are held within a day. They also apply to the fitness fanatic doing two-a-days — that between-workouts shake is a must, even if your early session is a long bout of cardio.