Give Yourself a Hand

Few muscle groups are more neglected than the forearm extensors and finger abductors. The opposing muscles (forearm flexors and finger adductors) get worked via gripping activities like pull-ups, deadlifts and “crushing” exercises, along with everyday chores like typing, leaving their counterparts under-trained. When this happens, grip strength is limited and, worse, tendinitis around the elbow can ensue. 

Fortunately, there’s a simple, inexpensive and portable remedy to this problem: the Hand X Band, a small rubber contraption that fits your fingers and thumb snugly into separate holes and allows you to open up your hand against resistance for a great forearm-extensor and finger-abductor workout. (Seriously, it provides a great burn.) Purchase one of three different resistances (light, medium or heavy) for $10 at
HandXBand.com, or buy a pack of all three for $25. The increased grip strength and dissipation of hand-related tendinitis will make it well worth the investment.