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Fuel Your Weight Loss


When it comes to energizing your workouts and weight-loss efforts, you’d be wise to take a close look at caffeinated sports drinks. That’s because they could increase your resting energy expenditure over time, according to a report in the February 2010 issue of the Strength and Conditioning Journal.

If you want to get the most from an energy drink, consume one before your workout because it will increase your performance and, well, energy for the task at hand. The best time is 30 to 60 minutes before an activity, since it will allow the caffeine to be fully absorbed by your body.

According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition position statement on exercise and caffeine, the compound can enhance vigilance during long bouts of exhaustive exercise, is highly effective for sustaining maximal endurance activities, and is beneficial for high-intensity exercise, including team sports such as soccer and rugby. What’s more: The science does not support that caffeine dehydrates or causes any harmful change in the body’s fluid balance that would disrupt your activity of choice, making it a solid option to help fuel your next workout.