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After living with multiple sclerosis for a decade, Montel Williams is now dedicated to helping others live healthy lives.

You’re 56 years old and in great health. What are your keys for staying in shape?
With my MS, a couple of my symptoms are neuropathic pain in my lower extremities and a lot of cramping in my muscles. And one of the best counters to these symptoms is exercise. I’m constantly trying to reduce inflammation in my body, so I do exercises that are not inflammatory. I do a plyometrics routine where I don’t use a lot of full-blown, 100 percent exertions. I used to be a powerlifter, so I don’t do those powerlifting motions anymore. I do more steady, repetitive motions now, trying to get my mind and brain and body in sync. I do that every single day, because if I don’t work out, I end up feeling more of my symptoms throughout the day. When I do work out, it helps me get through the day a little bit easier. That’s what drives me.

What about your nutrition?
I’ve completely changed the way I eat. I’m a believer in caloric reduction, so I try to stay between 1,100 and 1,300 calories a day. Seventy-five percent of what I eat every day is raw and liquefied; the other 25 percent is what I consider my one cooked meal of the day, and that’s usually fish or chicken and some sort of vegetable. I drink about 60 ounces of fruits and vegetables and raw chocolate every day, and I put SafSlim, which is a Re-Body product, directly into my smoothies.

What does the SafSlim supplement do for you?
SafSlim is an amazing product. I started using it almost two years ago. When I first tried it, I was trying to get my waistline down; I was at about 32.5 inches, and I wanted to get back under 32. I religiously take it every single day — morning and afternoon — and I’m now at a 30-inch waist. And I’ve been doing this for 11 months straight. SafSlim and all of Re-Body’s products are clinically trialed. They’re made from some of the best ingredients you can find, and the science that’s behind them is valid.

What other Re-Body products do you like?
The Hunger Chews and Hunger Caps. I know no less than 20 people who have used them consistently and have experienced 3-, 4- or 5-pound weight losses just by using the Hunger Chews or Hunger Caps because it becomes their healthier choice snack. Instead of grabbing that candy bar or that bag of chips, you put one of those Hunger Chews in your mouth, and that taste stays there and it kind of negates that need to go and snack.

You mentioned that minimizing the symptoms of MS drives you. What else motivates you?
You know, I’m 56 and I espouse a healthier lifestyle for people and try to make people understand that you can actually change your body, change the way you feel and change yourself emotionally by exercise and diet. So I have to look the part and walk the walk.