Enzyme Action

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Enzymes are proteins that are critical to the digestion of food, catalyzing the chemical processes that break food into smaller compounds. However, they’re under siege in your body, the victim of diets that are high in protein. The result? Gas, intestinal distress, and large amounts of that muscle-boosting protein going to waste. One way to restock enzymes is to eat lots of fresh produce. But the best way is to eat all those fruits and veggies and add a systemic enzyme supplement to your regimen. Here’s a breakdown of the enzymes found in such a product.


Found In




breaks down protein, reduces systemic inflammation



breaks down protein, can be used to treat jellyfish and bee stings

Rutosid (or rutin)

buckwheat, asparagus, citrus fruit, cranberries

can reduce risk of developing high cholesterol and high blood pressure


cow or pig pancreas

comprises compounds that break down protein, carbs and fat