Double Overhead Kettlebell Squat


If you’ve trained with kettlebells for a while, not only are you a trendsetter, but you’re also probably getting sick of the same old swings. Steve Cotter, president of the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation, developed this exercise to challenge more experienced kettlebell lifters.

• Stand holding a pair of kettlebells with your feet shoulder-width apart.
• Clean the kettlebells up to your shoulders so that your palms face each other and the “balls” of the kettlebells are outside your hands.
• From here, press the kettlebells straight up overhead with the balls behind your wrists. Hold this overhead position (arms extended) and perform a squat, keeping your chest out and back straight, until your thighs reach parallel with the floor.
• Explosively press back up to a standing position, keeping the kettlebells extended overhead throughout.
• Repeat for reps.